Working In Partnership To Help You 

Get The Most Value Out Of Your Land

Denovo Residential is a land partnership company based in West London. 

We specialise in working with land or buildings owners to help them realise the development potential of their land.
With considerable expertise in Planning, Housing and S106 (New Build) negotiations, you can be confident that you will receive focused support with a strong track record in the sector. We will provide you with the funds, support and services that can raise the value and level of interest of your property or land, while promoting it in an effective manner.
We will pay for all the costs associated with appraising your site, drawing up plans and obtaining permission to develop. You get the potential upside, without incurring the costs usually associated in running their own planning application. We don’t charge any commission or any fees to you, so you can be confident that you have nothing to lose in partnering with us.


We will assess your site’s suitability for development with no obligation


We will prepare a Planning application for you – at our cost. Our team of Architects, Surveyors, Project Managers and delivery specialists are on hand to work with you to ensure we take your land through the planning process into development and will work hard to significantly enhance your chances of making a successful application


Once there is consent for development, we will identify the best-equipped development partner to either sell the land to on your behalf or invest our own funds to build the new properties: all at no cost to you
Some of the steps we take care of for you include:
What we are looking for:

If you feel your property or land might have development potential, or know someone that does,

We offer a free assessment without obligation or pressure 

as well as straightforward support and guidance that doesn’t try to bamboozle you with technical jargon.

Contact us to arrange a convenient time for us to visit; alternatively speak with one of the team on 0203 ……. or complete our contact form below

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